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Vicki Berger Erwin
Vicki Berger Erwin

Welcome! Thanks so much for visiting.

On this site, you can learn more about me, the books

I write and what is coming up in my world of books. 

The past year of pandemic has kept up close to home, hitting a week after STEAMBOAT DISASTERS OF THE LOWER MISSOURI RIVER pubbed. Vaccinations have been had and things are opening up so keep an eye on the site for news of virtual and in person events.


Upcoming Books

Steamboat Disasters

of the 

Lower Missouri River

During the 19th century more than 300 boats met their end in the steamboat graveyard that was the Lower Missouri River. This book details the perils that steamboats, their passengers, and crews faced on every voyage.

Available Now

200 Years of Historic Crimes
Available Now
Revisit some of the most notorious -- and interesting -- crimes committed in Missouri.

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